Which is the Best Universal Power Adapter?

When planning a trip to other countries, we consider many things to make it smooth and easy. We know that they have the same electronic devices in other nations as in the country where we live. However, it never crosses our minds that power outlets are different in different parts of the world.

A small detail but of great importance since this can ruin our trip by not allowing us to use our electronic devices. Today, we know that the use of mobile phones, tablets, or laptops is essential. Therefore, in this article, you will be able to clarify any doubts you have regarding Universal Travel Adapter and their use.

Best Universal Power Adapter

The Most Important

There are more than 15 types of plugs in different parts of the world. Because of this, the same connections used in the country of residence cannot be used. A universal power adapter allows you to connect your electronic devices anywhere.

Each country has a different voltage. Therefore, it is important to check if the universal plug is compatible with the country's voltage you are going. Some universal plugs have the function of transforming the voltage to the appropriate one for your electronic devices.

Not all international adapters are suitable for all electronic devices. Some require a higher voltage, which the adapter cannot support.

What Types of Power Adapters are There?

Before traveling, you must consider the electricity and voltage of each country. Otherwise, you may find yourself in unpleasant situations. For example, running out of battery and not finding a plug compatible with your electronic devices. There are universal power adapters on the market with plugs for more than 150 countries.

There are different models of electrical connections in the world. However, in the following table we show you the most popular types of plugs and, of course, in which countries you can find them:

Plug Types from Different Countries

Plug    Type   
Countries Where We find Them
Type A Bolivia, Venezuela, Panamá, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, México, Canadá, Estados Unidos, Japón, Corea del norte, Corea del sur, Malasia, Filipinas, Tailandia, Taiwán, Vietnam
Type B Estados Unidos, Canadá, México, Japón, Venezuela, Panamá, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica
Type C Alemania, España, Italia, Francia, Portugal, Grecia, Dinamarca, Suecia, Finlandia, Suiza, Austria, Países bajos, Croacia, Polonia
Type D India, Nepal
Type E Polonia, Francia, Marruecos, Armenia
Type F Corea del sur, Indonesia, Alemania, España, Italia, India, Portugal, Grecia, Suecia, Finlandia, Austria, Países bajos, Turquía
Type G Singapur, Reino Unido, Irlanda, Emiratos árabes, Jordania
Type H Israel
Type I Argentina, Uruguay, China, Australia, Nueva Zelanda
Type J Suiza, Jordania
Type K Dinamarca, Groenlandia
Type M China, Sudáfrica, Israel
Type N Brasil, Sudáfrica

Universal power adapters are handy to adapt the plugs of electronic devices to the different power outlets of other countries. Apart from the fact that international plugs are the best option for traveling to different countries, many people also use them when they change their residence.

In this way, they do not generate more expenses buying new appliances whose cable adapts to the plugs of the other country. Before purchasing a universal power adapter, we recommend that you consider the aspects that we have mentioned above. Thus, you will find the ideal for you.



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