What are Smart Locks For Home?

Smart Locks are characterized by working through an application that connects directly to our smartphone, being able to open and close the door of our house remotely. In fact, most of these smart locks are equipped with a camera that allows us to see who is knocking on the door wherever we are. This means greater security since we can always check who it is before opening the door, avoiding unnecessary frights.

Likewise, these security doors inform us at all times of what is happening in our house, recording everyone who approaches it, so if we see suspicious movements, we only have to alert the police so that they can his work.

What are Smart Locks

In addition, many smart locks incorporate a communication system, through which we can talk to the person who knocks at the door. So if we're not home we have the option of speaking directly to whoever is calling, be it the postman, the neighbor to inform us of a meeting or a family member, asking them in advance what they want.

On the other hand, as we can open and close the door remotely, we will not have to constantly be aware of the keys, but directly from the mobile phone we will open the lock. There are even systems that are opened by typing a key or simply by placing our fingerprint on the lock reader.

Best Smart Locks on the Market

  • Godrej Security Locks

This smart lock operates via Bluetooth and automatically opens when it detects that the smartphone it is linked to is close enough. In addition, it offers the possibility of sending remote authorizations to our guests so that they can also open our door with their smartphones.

Official Website : https://www.godrej.com/godrej-locks-and-security-solutions

  • QUBO Smart Lock

With this lock you will say goodbye forever to the keys, by offering total control of the door through our smartphone.

Official Website : https://www.quboworld.com/qubo-smart-door-lock-ultra.html

  • Lavna Smart Lock

It is one of the most complete models with which you can open and close doors locally without the need for keys, as well as register who enters and leaves the house.

Official Website : https://www.lavnalocks.com/

  • Yale Security Smart Lock

This touchscreen smart lock unlocks the door remotely and is equipped with built-in alarms that sound if wrong codes are repeatedly entered.

Official Website : https://yaleonline.in/

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