Tricks to make your Laptop Battery Last Longer

These are the Top 7 Tricks to save battery life on your laptop. These are a few simple steps that we should all consider if we want to make our laptop battery last longer.

Technology advances in giant steps. The power of portable devices (be they computers, mobile phones, or consoles) is increasing, but there is something that is not advancing to the same extent. In many cases, it is the batteries, an element as necessary as it is fleeting.

Tricks to make your Laptop Battery Last Longer

1. Be Careful with the Screen

The screen of a laptop, a laptop, a mobile, or a smartwatch consumes most of the device (with the GPU). Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the level of brightness that we have on the laptop (and, of course, it applies to both laptops and any device with a screen).

Better to adjust the level manually than using automatic brightness, which also consumes battery power. We have, as usual, the brightness controls on the upper keys, and the Windows 10 brightness slider has returned to give us another more precise option.

2. Suspend better than Shutdown, in Some Cases

This depends on how we use it. IF we are going to use the laptop first thing in the morning and we are not going to pick it up again until night, it is clear that it is best to turn it off. This way, although it will take a little longer for our session to be available when we turn it on again, we ensure that the battery consumption will be zero.

If, on the other hand, we are going to be using the laptop every so often, it is best to leave the laptop in sleep, especially if you have an SSD. With an SSD, the system will consume less than with an HDD, and, in addition, the session will remain intact when you open the PC screen. Of course, as we say, we must put it on hold if we will be taking the laptop every two hours, more or less. That is, recurring throughout the day.

3. Close Programs you don't use

Everything we run on the PC has an energy cost. Both the open programs and the tabs in the browser impact the CPU, RAM, and sometimes the GPU. Therefore, we must make sure that we only have open what we are using.

We may need 20 Chrome tabs, for whatever reason, but not Photoshop, VLC, and any other programs that we have minimized and are not going to use. If that's the case, one of the best tricks to make your laptop battery last longer is to shut down what you're not using to save resources.

If we have an SSD, it will not cost anything to reopen the program.

4. Advanced power settings on Windows and Mac

In the energy configuration options of both Windows and Mac, we can make different adjustments to optimize battery consumption. For example, in portable mode, we rarely need all the equipment's power, so it is better to activate an economy or low consumption mode.

In this mode, the GPU will be disabled, and the CPU will operate at a lower frequency, giving enough power to perform everyday tasks and reducing battery consumption.

5. Disable the discrete GPU, if you have one

Many laptops have a discrete GPU (dedicated, beyond the one that Intel Core processors have integrated). If that is the case, it is most likely that the PC itself automatically selects the one it needs most at any given time, but the system can fail and keep the discrete GPU open by default.

In that case, the best we can do is activate the automatic transmission. In the Nvidia or AMD options, we can make the GPU starts to work when needed, and the same thing happens on Mac. On Mac, we have to go to ''System Preferences'' and ''Economizer'' . Once there, we must verify that the automatic GPU change box is activated. Ready. This is another one of the best tricks to save battery life on your laptop.

6. Disconnect Peripherals

If you have a laptop in portable mode with a pen drive, a keyboard and a mouse connected by USB, or any other device by USB, and you are not going to use that which is connected... why are you going to give it power unnecessarily?

If you disconnect all the peripherals you will be avoiding that the power supply is forced to feed them, saving energy.

7. Beware of Keyboard Lighting

If we have a laptop with a backlit keyboard, we must manually control that it does not light up in unnecessary situations. That is, even if it is an LED, it also consumes battery, and if it is RGB and it changes with different effects, even more so.

It is best, as with screen brightness, to manually control the keyboard brightness to turn it off in situations where there is enough light to see the characters on the keys.



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