Correct Postures to Take Care of your Back at Work

Following some simple tips to take care of your back will make your work at the office more efficient, you will be more comfortable, and you will feel much better when your office hours are over. So that you do well, we give you some ideas of postures that will help you at work.

The Correct Postures to Take Care of your Back at Work

Your back should be straight, not bent forward, keep your neck straight and look straight ahead without bowing your head. This will help you avoid neck and back pain; the following video explains how your posture should be.

During your working day, you spend 8 to 10 hours sitting or sitting in front of the computer monitor; you must be careful and sit most appropriately.

Bad postures could cause injuries that harm your quality of life and work performance. You will be healthier and more productive if you encourage proper prevention habits.

Fully lean your back against the back of the chair, distribute your weight evenly, and use your entire seat and back to support your body. If your chair has adjustable lumbar support, it aligns the contours of the chair back with the natural curve of your lower spine. Put your buttocks close to the backrest.

If you can rest your feet on the floor without any problem, the posture is correct; use something to rest your feet if you cannot. You should have room under the work surface for your knees and legs, no pressure under your thighs near the knee and at the calf. Stretch your legs and change your position throughout the day.

Keep your hands, wrists, and forearms in comfortable positions, parallel to the plane of the table. Try not to support your hands while you write; if you rest your hand, you will be forced to bend your fingers and wrists a lot so that you can hurt yourself. If you are facing back pain then you use a Massager to get some relief also.



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