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You have probably relied on the security provided by a padlock at some point in your life. Your first experience may have been when you used a combination lock to secure your locker in elementary school. Or maybe you used a lock and chain to keep your bike safe while riding around town with friends. Nowadays, you may use many locks at home, in the garden, or at work.

Padlocks are a large and varied product. Some provide lightweight security, while others offer heavy-duty protection in tough conditions. The padlock – or something similar – has been around for centuries. Thousands of years ago, padlocks that resemble today's were used in Rome, China, and Europe to protect livestock, merchandise, and other items used for trade.

Best Padlock in India

Today's Godrej padlock designs have changed to suit modern needs. Still, the concept is similar: a shackle, lock body, and locking mechanism all work together to provide security for numerous applications. There are so many different varieties available that you may not know which one is best for you. Best in India Shop can help.

So before you buy a lock, please take a look at our recommendations, information, and advice. The tips we give you will help you feel confident in buying your padlock.

Parts of a Padlock

Padlocks consist of three main components to provide security for numerous applications.

  • Body :

The padlock's body contains the locking mechanism and is the component that the shackle slides on when closing.

  • Locking Mechanism :

Padlocks contain cylindrical or twist locking mechanisms operated by a combination code or key into which the key is inserted to lock and unlock the unit. Although less common, Bluetooth-operated locks contain sensors rather than mechanical mechanisms. Regardless of the type of padlock, the locking mechanism is housed in the lock body.

  • Shackle :

The shackle is the part of the lock that is placed through hasps, chains, links, or other elements to secure the lock's body. The shackle is typically U-shaped and comes in different lengths and diameters.

Padlock Uses

Maybe we reminded you to use a lock on your locker or to secure your bike, but there are countless other uses for locks when it comes to protecting some of your most valuable possessions. Here are some ideas.

  • Keep backyard shed items safe.
  • Secure a door.
  • Protect travel items including luggage, duffel bag, backpack.
  • Store items in a rented storage unit.
  • Secure tools in your toolbox.
  • Keep fishing gear safe in your tackle box.

Padlock Materials

  • Metal Padlocks

Most padlocks are metal. Steel padlocks are some of the strongest and built for heavy duty. They come in regular, hardened, or stainless options that resist rust and corrosion, making them ideal for outdoor use.

  • Padlocks in Brass, Titanium and Aluminum

Brass, titanium, and aluminum padlocks are slightly less resistant than metal padlocks, but are practical for applications that do not require higher security. While brass and titanium can withstand the elements, aluminum is prone to tarnish and is not recommended for outdoor situations.

  • Plastic Padlocks

Plastic padlocks are available, but they are not intended for serious security. These padlocks could easily be compromised if someone were to force the lock mechanism or break the shackle.

  • Types of Padlocks

Before you buy a new lock, you will need to decide which type of lock is right for you. There are key locks, combination locks, and locks that require a key or a combination. There are also varieties of keyed shackles, as well as Bluetooth-enabled “smart” padlocks; padlocks Here's a look at some of the pros and cons of each type of lock.

Padlocks with Key

As the name suggests, these padlocks are operated with a key.


  • Easy to lock and unlock
  • Can be purchased in sets with similar keys for added convenience


  • A hassle if you Lose your Keys
  • Combination Locks

You need to remember a series of numbers to unlock this type of lock.


  • Opens with a dial or buttons; no key needed
  • Codes are typically more difficult to crack than locks
  • Ideal for light uses: lockers, bike chains, bags

  • Most are not Suitable for High Security or Heavy Duty Applications
  • Vessels may Malfunction or become clogged in some Situations

Keyed/Combination Padlocks

These locks work with a Key or a Combination.


  • Versatile

  • Not usually as durable as keyed options

Padlocks with Shackles

The shackle on this type of padlock is partially hidden by metal, making it less vulnerable to being tampered with or cut with bolt cutters.


  • Suitable for intensive use

  • Expensive

Bluetooth Padlocks

These "smart" locks can be operated with Bluetooth technology.


  • Ideal for Technicians

Not all models are ready for prime time as the technology may still have quirks (connectivity, pairing issues)

  • Expensive

Best Padlock Brand in India

Are you looking for the best Door Locks Brand in India or Best Padlock Brands in India? Then check the Following List to find the Top Padlock brands available in India.
  • Godrej
  • Harrison
  • Ramson
  • Foora
  • Sharad
  • Link Locks

Benefits of Padlocks

If you have possessions or assets that you need to keep safe from theft or vandalism, locks have a lot to offer.

There are many types of locks to meet many different needs. For example, a small padlock with a long, thin shackle is perfect for protecting bags and luggage, while a model with a hidden shackle is recommended for securing doors, gates, commercial storage units, and other structures located in public areas where manipulation is possible.

Padlocks are easy to use. You can choose a lock that works with a key or a combination code. Regardless of the type you choose, however, padlocks are fairly easy to use.

Padlocks are affordable. Although padlocks come in various prices, even those at the higher end of the price spectrum are not extremely expensive, especially when you consider the value of the items you protect.

  • Concern About Locks

Although locks provide security and peace of mind when it comes to keeping possessions and property safe, there are some concerns you should be aware of.

Shackles, especially those that are thin or made of less durable metals, are vulnerable to bolt cutters.

Key padlocks can be chosen.

Keys and combination codes can be lost and/or forgotten.

Choosing the right lock for your needs and keeping track of your key and/or combination can help you avoid these problems.


If you need a set of padlocks for various uses around your home and yard, a set of keyed locks offers reasonable security and less hassle in figuring out which key matches which lock.

Not all combination locks are easy to reset if you lose your code. In fact, some require contacting the manufacturer or even a locksmith if you need immediate access. Keep your combination code written down or saved in a safe place so you don't end up in this predicament.

Do you have a problem with frozen padlocks? First, try holding the lock in your hand for a few minutes to melt any ice buildup. If that doesn't work, try soaking the faucet in rubbing alcohol or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before trying to gently open it.

Some padlocks have locking mechanisms that make it impossible to secure them while the keys are in place. This is an attractive feature for anyone prone to leaving their keys behind.


Que. How does a padlock with a covered Shackle help deter vandals?

Ans. A padlock with metal extending from the sides of the shackle is considered to be covered or armored. The extra metal surrounding the shackle leaves less of it exposed. Therefore, less of the shackle is vulnerable to bolt cutters.

Que. I’m going to take a plane Trip. What kind of lock do I need for my luggage?

Ans. The best luggage locks for flying are TSA approved. By law, TSA officials can open passenger bags without the approval or presence of the owners. TSA-approved locks can be opened, removed, and relocked without keys. By investing in TSA-approved locks, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing airline officials aren’t going to permanently break your locks.

Que. Do the locks require any routine maintenance to function properly?

Ans. The most important thing you can do to keep your lock in good shape is to keep it clean. Clean it frequently to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating. Use compressed air to remove small particles from around the shackle, keyhole, or combination sockets.

Que. Does the shackle and/or locking mechanism require lubrication?

Ans. Lubrication of lock components is not always necessary, but can be helpful in keeping exposed items in good working order, especially if the lock is used outdoors. Dry spray lubricant is best, as it helps reduce friction. There are also some wet lubricants specifically formulated for locks. Never use silicone as it could damage the lock mechanism over time.

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