Best Ice Crusher in India 2022

Best Electric ICE Crusher for Home Use | आइस क्रशर मशीन

It's a simple law of nature: when it's hot, you want cold drinks. You could drive to the nearest store and buy a slushie or milkshake. Or, you could go into your kitchen and make your own with a shaved ice machine.

Best Ice Crusher in India

Shaved ice machines quickly shave ice into fluffy, melt-in-the-mouth flakes that can be added to any drink to cool it down and give it a bit of texture without making it too crunchy.

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Take a look at our five recommendations above, or read on to Learn More about Choosing a Quality Crushed Ice Machine.

  • Ice Texture

Before you buy something, you should know what kind of product you are looking for. Crushed ice machines often take one of two types of ice: cubes or blocks. A cubed crushed ice machine uses ice directly from your freezer. These machines are easy to use and refill, but the result is often thicker and less consistent than a block crushed ice machine.

A block shaved ice machine only takes ice blocks of a specific size and shape. These products often come with molds included. They produce the best quality of crushed ice, but they have their limitations. If you run out of ice blocks, you can't use the machine until you make more, which could be problematic if you're using it for large gatherings.

Some machines accept blocks or cubes of ice. A device like this may be a better choice if you're looking for a product that gives you the best of both worlds. You can start with the block ice you've made, and if you run out, you can switch to cubes.

  • Durability

You want to ensure that the crushed ice machine you buy doesn't go bad after a few uses. The best models are made of stainless steel or other durable materials and have stainless steel blades that will not rust over time. You should also buy a product that has a sturdy base and won't tip over easily.

Check if the machine you are interested in has a warranty. Especially important if you are spending a lot of money. Most models come with at least a one-year manufacturer's warranty, so any malfunctions or defects you find in that time will be covered at no cost to you. Some high-end crushed ice machines have even longer warranties.

  • Easy to Use

Making shaved ice shouldn't be a complicated process. You have to put in the ice, flip a switch, and let the machine do the rest. Block crushed ice machines are usually a bit more complicated than cube crushed ice machines, but you should be able to operate either after a quick look at the manual.

Don't forget about cleaning too. Since you're just putting ice in the machine, there won't be much to clean up. You can run a little warm water through it and clean it most of the time. Make sure it's easy to clean around the blades without cutting yourself.

  • Size

Look at the machine's capacity and make sure it is suitable for your purposes. Most of these products are too small to accommodate an entire bag of ice at a time, so they will need to be refilled more often. If you only plan to use it occasionally to make drinks for yourself and your family, you may be able to get by just fine with a smaller machine. But if you plan to use it at parties, you'll need something more significant.

You should also consider the machine's overall size and make sure you have room to store it. Most crushed ice machines are relatively compact and should easily fit on a shelf or in a cabinet.

  • Velocity

The motor determines the rate at which the machine will produce crushed ice. The higher the wattage, the more efficient the machine will be. Some models can be as low as 50 watts, but most are around 200 watts, with some going as high as 300 watts. They typically only work on a single-speed, and most machines produce over 45 Kg of crushed ice per hour, which should be enough for home use. But if you are going to use it at an event, you may want to buy a heavier machine.

It would help if you also kept in mind that the motor will impact the amount of noise the machine makes. Some shaved ice machines can be pretty noisy, which can be a problem if you need to leave them running for long periods.

  • Accessories

A basic shaved ice machine doesn't have any accessories, but some higher-end models do. If it's a block shaved ice machine, it will probably include ice molds so that you can freeze the ice blocks yourself.

It can also hold extras like cups, straws, and even syrups to make drinks. These items aren't necessities, though, and you can always buy them individually if you need them.


Go with a crushed ice machine if you use the product at an event. These machines are easier to use, and there will be less of a learning curve for any volunteer using the machine.

Take care when cleaning around the blades. Although many machines don't work when the lid is open, it's still a good idea to unplug the machine before reaching into it.

Although most shaved ice machines are relatively simple, you should always read the manual first to understand how to use and clean them properly.


Q. How often do I need to change the blade on my shaved ice machine?

Ans. As the blade begins to dull, you will notice the texture of the ice begin to thicken and crisp. At that time, you must order a replacement blade. If your blades are not stainless steel, there is a chance they will rust as well. If rust begins to develop, the blade must be replaced immediately.

Q. How much ice do I need for my crushed ice machine?

Ans. That depends on how often you use it and how much shaved ice you need per drink. If you only use it at home, you probably already have a lot of ice in the freezer. In general, you can expect to get about two cups of crushed ice for every kilogram of ice you add.



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