Best Watering Can for Garden in India 2022

If you like gardening, then you need a good watering can. Whether you want something to water a few houseplants, or plan on tending to a sprawling garden outside, a watering can is an essential tool of the trade for anyone with a green thumb. If you want to take care of your plants the way they deserve, check out our five best watering cans given below.

If you're still not sure how to choose between them, follow our handy shopping guide and you'll have all the tools you need to find the best option for your gardening needs.

Best Watering Can for Garden in India

Watering cans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so be thorough in learning what you can about the different types available to you. Some people think that a simple bucket is enough to water all the plants, but a quality watering can provides much more benefits to whatever you like to grow.

Best Watering Can for Garden in India

  1     Medium Galvanized
 Watering Can
 5 Litre
 Made by
 Galvanized Iron Sheet
  2.  LiveBrio
 Watering Can
 5 Liter
 Made from
 Galvanized Iron Sheet
  3.  Actionware Plastic
 Watering Can
 Capacity : 10L
 Unbreakable Plastic
  4.  TrustBasket 
 Watering Can
 Capaity : 10 L
 Made from Polypropylene
  5. Royal Baskets
 Watering Can
 Capacity : 2.5 L
 Made by Iron Metal &

Key Considerations

There are a few important factors that you'll need to consider when choosing a new shower head. Your personal aesthetic preferences are important, but they are not the only thing to consider. You'll also want to assess the needs of your indoor plants or outdoor garden. Whether you need a shower head to care for basic houseplants, large outdoor expanses, or both, will determine what style and size of watering can you select.

Your own physical limitations may also affect your choice. If you have wrist pain or any other ailments that affect how much weight you can carry comfortably, you'll want to take them into account when evaluating which shower heads might work best for you. The last thing you want is to be in pain when trying to take care of your garden. Consider the following additional factors when making your choice.


Most watering cans are made of plastic or galvanized steel. Naturally, steel will last longer than plastic, but it's also heavier. You have to think about whether weight or longevity means more to you when choosing between a plastic and a metal. Steel watering cans also tend to serve double purpose as decor, so if that's something that's important to you, consider an antique-style steel watering can that will look great indoors or out.


Most shower heads can hold a little over three gallons of water. If you want a watering can that requires minimal refilling during a gardening session, then go for a large capacity watering can. Just remember that a larger capacity makes the shower head heavier and more difficult to handle when full.

Spout Style

Sprinklers generally have either a rainmaker spout or a straight spout. Rain spikes have lots of small holes and are good at distributing water across the area evenly, while a straight spike provides a direct stream of water at your target. So ask yourself if your plants require targeted watering or a broader spray.


Modern shower heads have every possible ergonomic configuration for the handles. Some old-fashioned steel showerheads are intended to be used with both hands. They have a standard top handle and rear handle, to make watering a smooth motion that uses both arms. Other cans are intended to be held by the rear handle only for easy pouring. Think about how you like to work in your own garden or around your houseplants to determine what type of ergonomic design works best for you.


Watering cans offer more features than one might expect from such a simple tool. From pressurized containers to specially designed spouts, there's no reason to settle for the first watering can you come across. Check out the following features available to you, and decide if any of them will take your gardening to the next level.

Pressure Spray

Although most shower heads work exclusively with gravity, some have a pressure spray feature. These showerheads are pressurized and have a trigger release that sprays the water, rather than using a pour method. The advantage of pressure spraying is that a larger area can be covered with a single can of water.

Additional Spray Cap

If you like the traditional style of jet shower, but want more versatility, now you can get one that has an additional spray nozzle on top. The nozzle works like any other watering can, allowing you to spray the soil from the top to keep it moist.

Extra Long Beak

A convenient feature available on some shower heads is an extra-long spout. Some of these peaks are over a foot in length. This jet style is perfect for reaching distant plants and pots where other obstacles may be present. Sometimes they are a bit awkward to handle, but it is worth it when you need to get to a faraway place.


Some shower heads come with additional free misters, which do the same thing as the aforementioned spray nozzle. A mister is a nice accessory to go with your watering can because it gives you another option for watering the ground surface.

Watering Can Prices

It's Cheap : You can find most basic sizes and styles of shower heads from 250 Rupees to 300 Rupees. Most of them will be made of plastic and steel. If you want more valuable metals, you will have to spend a little more.

Mid-Range : Between 350 Rupees and 500 Rupees are the mid-range options for showerheads. These cans include higher end options such as high grade stainless steel cans and pressurized cans.

Expensive : If you want to spend between 600 Rupees and 2500 Rupees, you can find more luxurious options, such as beautiful copper-plated watering cans that will add class to your home or garden.



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