Best Violin in India 2022 [वायलिन]

How do you choose the best violin for you? Best in India Shop is here to help. The auction's highest-selling violin sold for $16 million. That is more than most people can afford. We can help you find a high-quality violin at a great price, so that you don't have to rob a bank in order to buy your new instrument.

We consulted many violin owners with real-world experience who used the instruments for long periods of times as part of our research.

Best Violin in India

List Top 5 Best Violins in India

  1     The Violin
 Clasic Oil Finish
 Ebony Fingerboard
 Rosewood Peg
  2.  Sergio
 Solid Spruce Top
 Ebony Fingerboard
 Made Of Solid Spruce
  3.  Kadence   Vivaldi
 Quality Maple Body
 Ebony Tuning Pegs
 Great Sound
  4.  Havana
 Ebony Fingerboard Pegs
 Adjuster Flame Finish With   Bow
 VLS-90 Lightweight Case
  5.  JUAREZ
 Violin Kit
 Made of High-quality Wood
 Adjust a Chin Rest
 Elegant Redwood Bow

Violin Quality

With violins, as with many things in life you get what you pay. Basic violins can be purchased for as low as 2000 Rupees, while high-end instruments can go up to tens of thousands of dollar.

We examine the quality of violins, look at their pros and cons, as well as average prices.

Violin Wood

One of the most important aspects in how a violin sounds is what wood it is made from. It isn't as easy as just using one wood. Different woods can be used for different parts.

The top, the front of the violin's body, the lining and the blocks within the instrument are all made from spruce. Its attractive grain and pleasing resonance are reasons it is preferred.

The most popular choice for the violin's neck, spine, neck and scroll is maple. Although Old European maple, especially from the region of former Yugoslavia, is commonly considered the best choice for making the violin's spine, ribs and necks in general are the most popular choices, luthiers increasingly consider North American maple to be a solid choice

Ebony is used as a fingerboard, tailpiece, tailpiece and end peg. It is lightweight but strong. Rosewood and boxwood are good alternatives.

Violin Sizes

There are many sizes of violins, including smaller models that can be used by children. A 4/4 (full-size) violin is suitable for most people between 11 and 11. However, smaller children will need to be measured in order to determine the size of their violin.

Take a measurement starting at the base of the neck and ending at the wrist. Refer to the table below to determine the correct size.

  • Players measuring 20 inches will need a 1/2 violin
  • Players measuring 18 1/2 inches will need a 1/4 violin
  • Players measuring 16 1/2 inches will need a 1/8 violin
  • Players measuring 15 inches will need a 1/10 violin
  • Players measuring 14 inches will need a 1/16 violin
  • Players measuring 13 inches will need a 1/32 violin

New Violins vs. Old Violins

You may have to choose between an older or new violin if you're looking for an intermediate or professional instrument.

Some say that violins age well, and older models produce a richer sound and play better. This may be romantic, however.

Research suggests that even professional violinists may not be able to tell the difference between vintage Stradivarius violins and modern high-end instruments during blind tests.

The newer violins tend to have a more consistent tone across all four strings, and they are usually cheaper than older instruments with comparable quality.

Advice For Best Violin

You can decide if your violin should come with various accessories. A case and a bow are the minimum requirements for your violin. You may find that some violins come in packages with different accessories. This can make it cheaper and more convenient than buying each accessory individually.

Consider what you need from a violin. A beginner may have different needs than someone who is studying music or performing professionally.

Make sure to check the return policy for the violin you've chosen. Sometimes it is just a matter of being patient when choosing the right violin. A few millimeters can make all the difference between a perfect instrument and one that is uncomfortable to use. If your violin is not right, you should be able to return it.

It is worth considering if it is something you truly enjoy. It's possible to use your new violin for many decades. Therefore, it makes no sense to spend large sums of money on something you don't enjoy.

Top Violin Brands in India

  • Jauarez
  • Kadence
  • Arctic
  • Sergio Tordini

Q. Will my violin retain its value?

Ans:  If you maintain it in good condition, you can sell it at a price that is close to the original purchase price. The value of professional and intermediate violins will increase over time.

Q. How can I care for my violin to keep it in good condition?

Ans: Because violins are delicate instruments, improper care can lead to serious damage. We cannot stress enough how important violin care is. Therefore, we urge all violin owners to investigate violin care. We have some tips to help you get started.

Q. I'm a beginner. How do I learn how to play the violin?

Ans: We recommend taking a few lessons with a professional violin teacher if you are new to the violin practice. You can find many resources online and in books for beginning violinists.



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