Best Angle Grinder in India 2022

A good angle grinder is a must-have addition to any homemade toolbox. They are very affordable, and can handle a large number of house, garden, and other DIY tasks.

At first glance they are a fairly straightforward tool, so making a choice should be easy. Think again - a quick scan of website and tool catalogs reveals a huge selection.

It becomes more difficult when some of the differences seem relatively small. Are important? Will ignoring a particular detail turn out to be a costly mistake?

The five angle grinders above satisfy a wide range of requirements. We are convinced that one of them will be the perfect tool for almost all demands.

Best Angle Grinder in India

For those who want a more detailed explanation of how to choose an angle grinder we have compiled the following report.

List of Top 5 Best Angle Grinder in India

  1     BOSCH
 GWS 600
 Angle Grinder
 Power : 660 Watts
 2 Position Side Handle
 Lightweight Design
  2.  Makita
 850W Brush Motor
 Perfect Body Grip
;  STGS9100-IN
 Angle Grinder
 Power : 900 Watts
 Ergonomic Design
 Compact Housing
Shape Design
  4.  DEWALT
 Angle Grinder
 Power : 850 Watts
 Easy to Handle   
 External Brush Access
  5.  Asian Paints
 Angle Grinder
 Power : 750 Watts
 Lightweight Design
 Double Labyrinth Construction

What is an Angle Grinder?

In essence, this is a very simple tool. A power source (usually an electric motor) drives a set of gears, which in turn turn the head. The head is located at a 90 degree angle to the motor. A wheel is attached to this head via a threaded retaining ring. There is a safety guard that usually covers the back half of the disk. It can often be rotated, to change the spark / debris path.

Users grip onto the main body, with additional control offered by a side handle (mountable left or right). A switch or trigger operates the grinder, sending energy to spin the wheel. There is usually a lock button for the trigger, so you don't have to keep your finger on it all the time.

An Axle Lock Prevents Movement When Changing Wheels

In body shops and metallurgy, the source of energy is usually compressed air. These businesses have multiple compressed air tools, so this is a viable solution. That is rarely the case at home. The tools that are sold in DIY stores are almost always electric, although they can be corded or cordless.

What gives the angle grinder its tremendous versatility is the variety of different wheels and other gadgets that can be attached.

Why Do you Need an Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder can do a huge range of jobs:

  • Remove paint or rust, prepare surfaces for painting (brush or spray).
  • Polish car bodies or other painted surfaces.
  • Grinding welds to a smooth finish.
  • Cutting pipes for plumbing, cutting bolts, and cutting bars to reinforce concrete.
  • Sharpening the blades of lawn mowers or garden shears.
  • Walls that fold.
  • Cutting concrete, stone and ceramic.
  • Woodcarving.

Best Angle Grinder Considerations

  • Wired or Wireless

The wired or wireless debate has been going on for years, and it is likely to continue for a while yet! However, an angle grinder has some very specific power demands, which have a direct impact on your choice.

An angle grinder increases speed very quickly. To do this, it consumes a lot of current. If you're hooked up to your home's electrical system, that's not a problem, but that initial surge is very taxing for a battery.

Once it accelerates, and it only takes a few seconds, the demand for power drops. While you are working, there is little contrast between the power demands of the two types. However, every time you stop and go back to work, the drums take a big hit again.

When you look at the performance figures for cordless angle grinders, you will often see numbers similar to their corded counterparts. However, in use, cordless angle grinders are frequently criticized for their short battery life.

If you need to work where there is no electrical power, or where a cable would be a huge obstacle, a high-end cordless angle grinder is a feasible solution, but a replacement battery is necessary.

  • Weight

A 9 "angle grinder has a tremendous amount of power, but it's also heavy - 12 to 16 pounds is common. This is another reason they are only a tool for professionals.

The 4 ½ ”models are much more manageable, typically between four and five pounds. A little lighter than this, and there is a danger that fragile components have been used. It is good to have some weight, because it helps to balance and stabilize the tool.

  • House Size

The size of the angle grinder can vary a couple of inches in length, but it doesn't pack much of an impact. However, some have thinner motor housings, which benefits those with small hands.

  • Soft Start

Like we said, angle grinders get started fast. They can generate considerable kickback, causing them to jerk in your hand when you pull the trigger. The soft start features are designed to reduce that movement.

  • Safety Lock

Some angle grinders have a locking button or switch, to prevent accidental starting.

  • Metal Gears

On some cheap angle grinders, the gears are made of nylon or hard plastic. A lot of energy is transmitted through these components, so metal gears are recommended.

  • Dust Protection

Many angle grinder failures are caused by dust and debris getting into the gears or motor. The best models have systems to prevent this.

  • Angle Grinder Wheels

There is a huge range of different accessories for angle grinders, from diamond encrusted wheels for cutting tiles, to lambswool hoods for polishing car paint, and chainsaw-like devices for carving wood

Using the correct wheel for the job is vital. Steel grinding wheels get stuck in stone. Stone cutting wheels probably won't scratch a metal bolt. You won't save money, and a broken wheel could seriously injure you.

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For a Precise Cut, Consider an Angle Grinder Stand.

The only maintenance that an angle grinder normally needs is cleaning after use. However, you should always check the manufacturer's instructions.

Make sure whatever you are working on is securely fastened. An angle grinder's wheel speed can easily dislodge or even throw your workpiece.

Never start the angle grinder with the wheel resting on the workpiece. It can induce a strong kickback.



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