Best Gulkand in India {Rose Gulkand}

Best Gulkand in India {Rose Gulkand}

You are looking for a Rose Gulkand or Best Gulkand in India then here we added a list of top Organic Rose Gulkand Brands in India. There are many brands produce a good Gulkands.

Now Gulkand made with Rose petals but traditionally gulkand made with only damask roses. There are few brands in India available which are going  to made a Gulkand with Damask rose petals.

Gulkand made with two words "Gul" and "Kand". Gul means a Rose and Kand means a Sweet.

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List of Top & Best Rose Gulkand in India

Here we added a List of Top & Best Rose Gulkand Available in India Market..

Best Gulkand in India

Kirva Organics Natural Gulkand

Kirva Organics Natural Gulkand made with Damask Rose Petals and Rock Sugar. They added a Kesar and Elaichi for enhancing a taste of Gulkand.

Leaf & Nectar Natural Gulkand

Leaf & Nectar Gulkand made with very good quality of Chaitri Rose and Rock Sugar. It can be used as a flavoring in various recipes.


Kapiva Organic Gulkand

Kapiva Rose Gulkand made from fresh pink rose and sun cooked Gulkand. It has a natural aroma and very good in taste. It is the natural cooling agent.

Baidyanath Gulkand

Baidyanath is the top most popular brand in India. It has a sweet flavour.

Organic Gulkand without Sugar

Is it possible to do a Gulkand without Sugar? Answer is Yes. You made a gulkand without sugar. Here is the few steps to do a Rose Gulkand without Sugar.

  • First Take a Rose petals; Then wash rose petals clean water.
  • After that dry all rose petals. Then you use a jaggery powder or mishri
  • For enhancing a test of Gulkand use a Dry Fruits.

Benefits of Gulkand {Rose Petal Jam}

  • It powerful antioxidant
  • It helps you to reduce acidity and stomach heat
  • It also acts as a blood purifier
  • It improves your digestion
Here we mentioned few brands Gulkand which are easily available in Online. But You get a some other Gulkand named Dabur Gulkand, Patanjali Gulkand, Zandu Gulkand, Divya Gulkand from local Market or nearby stores.

Top 6 Best Rose Gulkand in India



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