Top 10 Best Saffron in India

Best Saffron in India/Best Kesar in India: World's most expensive spice named "Saffron". Most of people needs a "Original Kashmiri Saffron Online" or "Best Saffron in India". From past many years saffron is using as a coloring agent or as a spice. It has many medicinal properties like It used for cough, asthma etc.. Saffron collected from autumn flowers stigmas. As a Dark organe-red saffron called pure Saffron. In the world there are total 3 types of saffrons are popular Kashmiri Saffron, Spanish Saffron and Iranian Saffron. Few major question about Saffron is  "What is Saffron Price in India?" and "Which is the Best Kesar in India"? or "Where to buy Saffron Online in India". Here we are going to provide you direct link of India's top Online Shopping sites Amazon and Flipkart. Just follow the following link and Buy the Best Saffron India.
Saffron Price in India/ Kesar Price in India:
Gradewise prices of Saffron is different. But Overall average Saffron Price in India is 300 INR to 700 INR per gram. Patanjali Kesar Price per gram is near to 300 INR.

Best Saffron in India

Top 10 Best Saffron in India or Best Kesar in India

1. Baby Saffron (Kesar):
One of the most popular Saffron brand in India. They are selling saffron since 175 years.
  • It has encloses finest saffron
  • It is handpicked
  • It dried under controlled conditions.
2. Keynote Kashmir Saffron
  • It is certified Grade - I
  • It is Natural and Pure
  • It is 100% pure Kashmir Saffron
3. Shalimar Organic Saffron

  • It is 100% Pure and Premium Organic Grade A1
  • It is good for Pregnant Women

4. Noor Brand Saffron
  • It is useful spice
  • It is 100% Pure & Finest Kashmiri Saffron
5. Lion Brand 100% Pure Saffron
  • It is 100% organic
  • It contains no added flavors
  • It is extremely safe for pregnant women.
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6. Kesari Pure Saffron
  • It has low moisture
  • It is highest quality Saffron
  • It is flavour enhancer
7. The Gathering of Saffron Spanish Saffron Kesar Zafran Pure
  • It is 100% Pure
  • It has lowest moisture
8. Go Earth Organic Kashmiri Mogra Saffron Kesar
  • It is premium Organic Saffron
  • It is natural and Pure
  • No Artificial Color, No Artificial Flavor
9. Sun Brand Saffron
  • It is natural & 100% pure Kashmir Saffron
  • It is premium quality Original Saffron
  • Hand Picked Saffron
10. Patanjali Kesar/Patajlai Saffron
  • It is tasteful
  • It is kesar from Patanjali Ayurveda
Here we added all famous saffron brands like Shalimar Brand Saffron, Baby Brand Saffron, Kasshmiri Saffron etc..

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