Best Sandalwood Stick in India

Doing a beauty treatment daily at home. Sandalwood Powder is the Best face Pack  but few of Wants to get a pure Sandalwood Stick for face or want a Sandalwood slate and stick Online then here we are adding list of few Sandalwood Stick present online available at Flipkart and Amazon India. There are many types of Sandalwood like White Sandalwood and Red Sandalwood. Few of people are used Red Sandalwood Powder for Face or use Sandalwood Powder for Face.
Sandalwood Stick is more important in Puja or Sandalwood stick is used in most Indian Rituals and ceremonies (Spiritual decor) s also.

List of Best Best Sandalwood Stick in India

1. S.G.U.Pure malyagiri mysore Sandalwood Stick
  • It has natural fragrance
  • It is rubbed to form powdered texture
2. Urban Platter Pure & Aromatic Sandalwood Sticks (Best Choice)
  • It has soft distinctive soft, warm
  • It is used in India rituals and Ceremonies

3. Little Bee Pure Sandal Woods with ISI seal
4. Pratima Pure Sandalwood Stick
5. Royal Pure Sandal wood Stick
>> Best Sandalwood Powder in India


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